P-Raw: A West Coast Novelty



Pan P-Raw is a gifted healer and spiritual counselor as well. She has been reading tarot and divining for 20 years now. She has been a telephone psychic (starting off at Miss Cleo’s psychic hotline in the 90’s). P-Raw has led séances, is able to communicate to other realms, provide magical counsel and sanctuary to those in times of great need. She practices harm reduction skills in her community in order to save countless lives. She has been a part of leading group ritual, heart circles, and meditational exercises.

    She has always had strong bond and affinity with the queer community and African American Community and has been an active part of the Radical Faerie Community for the past decade. Her work with the Radical Faeries has led her on a cross pollinating trek that has included shamanating at 4 different Radical Faerie Sanctuaries (Zuni Mountain Sanctuary in NM, Short Mountain Sanctuary in TN and Wolf Creek Sanctuary in OR, Chaos Cabaret in CA), as well as participated in many Radical Faerie events in New York, San Francisco, Portland, and LA.

    She experienced Native American culture throughout her travels and has been blessed to be around a Shamanic spiritual community. She has been a participant in many Queer Shaman’s Gatherings in New Mexico as well as a dancer in the Naraya Dance Kaballah which is a Native American 2 spirit dance based upon the Shoshone Ghost Dance.

P-Raw considers herself to be a spiritual alchemist and has dabbled in many types of religions attending, participating in or producing voodoo rituals, pagan ceremonies, ritual theater events, pagan spiritualist gatherings such as Beltaine and Samhain.

    For many years her magical title was “Whore of the Underworld” because she believes that she could bring light to the darkest scene. Now she is able to be a walk between the worlds and has risen up from the Underworld to focus on healing and LOVE and ABUNDANCE - in real time!


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